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Success of Judobaby Inc.’s “2013 Pet Sports League Student Tournament” (a “pilot program” for nationwide tournament supported by major sponsors), featuring youth playing the company’s family-friendly and AAA rated video game “JERRY RICE & NITUS’ DOG FOOTBALL,” along with raffle & prizes, and, photo opportunities with NFL Hall of Famer JERRY RICE, was summed up following conclusion of the Final Round by Saleha Farhad, Recreation leader at the San Carlos Youth Center, who said “Best event we have had.  The kids were so excited.” 


In accordance with Final Round arrangements, all youth representing their 501c3 organizations received cash awards from Judobaby Inc. and all contributions from Sponsors and proceeds from raffle ticket sales have been received by The Museum of Art & Digital Entertainment (a 501c3 Organization) for distribution to all participating 501c3 organizations to help fund their Sports, Art, Music, and Computer Programming initiatives. 


Our sincere appreciation to the City of San Carlos Parks & Recreation Division for supporting the Tournament, and, a very special thanks to Mike Becker and his staff at The San Carlos Youth Center for assistance in promoting, staging, and supervision of the final event.

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