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Key Learning Points

More information on tournament rules, game rules and setup, and the reflection topics to be covered with students can be found on the:

An Overview of the Game's Key Benefits

Divergent, convergent, and creative thinking is important for healthy cognition, strong academics and success in facing the
everyday challenges of life. Divergent thought is required to address the many variables for "winning" (various play fields,
ball types, character attributes, performance adjustments, and random opponent dynamics) with no "one answer," where
the player must employ spontaneous thinking in a free-flowing manner. Through game practice and play, convergent and
creative thinking is developed as the player is required to understand, retain, and draw from a variety of source materials,
with time constraints, and, whereupon, systemic thought is employed to solve both incremental and overall problems
related to winning the game and tournament at large.

Character education, commonly referred to as "Life Skills," motivates and promotes self-responsibility, positive relationships
and respect for others, and through the principles of social and emotional learning (SEL), helps students achieve their
personal best in life. The tournament is team-based, challenging students to work collaboratively within an SEL focused
Code of Conduct, involving the mastery of the divergent, convergent, creative, and systemic thought processes employed
throughout the Pilot and National Tournament Programs wherein teams encounter students of diverse socio-economic and
geographical backgrounds.

Enables learners to do more advanced activities and to engage in more advanced thinking and problem solving than they
could without such help. To facilitate comprehensive results, the game provides interactive, step-by-step, instructions
driven by an algorithm attenuated for all skill levels, and, wherein, associated developmental growth and advancement is
achieved through the provision of strategic knowledge and direction.

The fun, exciting, and unique nature of the game elicits an emotional connection and trust in the product providing the
ability to connect users to additional products centered on education fundamentals.

Current and emerging tech sectors (including social media, apps, and interactive entertainment) represent in-demand 21st
Century jobs, and, whereupon, the fundamentals of today's education must also produce individuals with a high-level of
proficiency in the areas of art, music, storytelling, and programming - thus preparing students to obtain desired positions
within current and future competitive job markets.

Sports programs teach healthy life habits, improve motor skills, help develop social skills and a love the outdoors, and
provide parent-child bonding opportunities. Tournament funds support sports programs ensuring the healthy development
of a well rounded individual, and, the game features a variety of characters in real-world environments that commonly
motivate participants to GO OUTSIDE AND PLAY!

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