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Nothing beats direct friend referrals. 

Below is a short email message you can copy and paste to share with your contacts: 

I'm reaching out to some of my friends, family, and contacts.  You may or may not know that my family friendly game company, Judobaby, is working on it's new virtual reality game Dino-Dogs Football VR starring NFL's Marshawn Lynch, and, we are close to reaching our first equity crowdfunding goal. 

You may have heard that as of just last year, all citizens can now legally invest in private companies, which means Judobaby Inc. can offer investment minimums under $100, and, of course, still accept investments of much larger amounts through Reg D funding. 

Investments are just $0.13 per share and as a company owner you have voting rights, design and business input, invites to company celebrity events, and more.
If you are interested in helping us get to 100% of the goal, we'd be proud to have you on the team.  You can learn more and become a shareholder here:

Also, helping spread the word is a free and easy way to help out... just a few clicks does the job on our share page:
Thanks so much for taking a moment to consider!


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