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The games main thematic twist is the inclusion of new types of player character, the delightfully-abominable GENETIC BLENDS of DOG & DINOSAUR (DINO-DOGS). The game’s antagonist, a mad scientist by the name of Dr. Dogonovitch, has shaken up the world of Dog Football which he intends to dominate with his technology & creations.

Dino-Dogs primarily targets console VR platforms, offering a host of interesting and innovative features that we intend to utilize in ways that clearly enhance and support the Dino-Dog game experience.  The game will also be available for mobile VR platforms, and, include NON-VR play.

The game is still, at its heart, football, and, Dino-Dogs reprises characters & fields from Dog Football which undergo surprising & exciting transformations. Human characters, including the featured star Marshawn Lynch, function as Quarterback’s and kickers as they lead their respective teams in thrilling football action. Game rules, as in Dog Football, are essentially standard football rules with a few player friendly enhancements that incentive maximum field exploration & dynamic interactions.

StegoPoodle Dino Dogs Footbal VR starring Marshawn Lynch
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