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Chicharito is an example of a featured star for the game.  Actual Cat & Dog Soccer star TBD! 

What are your favorite Cat Breeds?


d s 2.jpg

Imagine FIFA having MUCH More Fun by allowing Pets to play & on ANY Playfield  


Cat & Dog Football features 14 fun human players & 1 core Celebrity Star.  DLC will include endless FIFA All Stars from across the globe.   No matter where you’re from or what FIFA team you love, Cat & Dog Football will represent!


Professional Football / Fútbol / Soccer  has been taken over by Cats & Dogs! 


Real Football play meets dynamic playfield action.  It’s not just a drive for the goal, you’ll need to navigate animal NPCs like crabs, raccoons, and cows.  12 all natural Playfields, like a beach in Hawaii or snow in Alaska will have you jumping, dodging, & diving for victory with your favorite breeds of Cats & Dogs. 

CADS 3.png

With 20 breeds of dogs & 20 breeds of cats, both domestic & wild, the game of Football has never been more cute, fun, friendly, and exciting!  And, each  DLC celebrity player will include their favorite breed of cat & dog plus related accessories!

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